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Hi, Welcome to Nithi'sclicknclick! I'm Nithya here! If you are someone who thinks the food is the ingredient that binds us TOGETHER, YES! “Let’s Hi-Five” you are in a right place to dig in. Thank you in advance for reading my posts, and if you would like to connect, feel free to reach out to me on one of these platforms :)


Donut Muffin Recipes|Old fashioned Donut Muffin

Donut Muffin Recipes|Old fashioned Donut Muffin- These are super soft and buttery! Easy homemade Donut muffins recipes ever. Flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon will definitely treat your tastebud! Hi.. Guys! Hope you all doing good?!  Donut Muffin Recipes|Old fashioned Donut Muffin- Donut Muffins recipes are simply a coffee muffin has the best flavor of cinnamon,…

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pear bread pudding recipe

Caramel Pear Bread Pudding Recipe | Pudding recipe

Caramel Pear Bread Pudding Recipe | Pudding recipe –  Sweet, spice, lip-smacking pear, and bread pudding baked perfectly and drizzled with caramel sauce make this recipe scrumptious! Hey guys! what are you up to? I’m taking a whole bite of this Easy caramel pear bread pudding here! please wait…! let me finish………before I talk with…

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curry leaves crab pepper fry

Crab Curry Leaves Pepper Fry | Karuveppilai Milagu Nandu Varuval

Curry leaves crab pepper fry | Karuveppilai Milagu Nandu Varuval – Roasted crab with grounded pepper and curry leaves gives you an earthy flavor which is spicy and peppery.  Crab+pepper+curryleaves = Yep!  HEY HEY hey….. HappySUNDAY! Wasssup?! hope all is well with everyone. Today I’m going to share some easy as well as an exotic recipe which has…

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fish fry with coconut

Fish fry with shallots and coconut- Sumati Aunty’s Fish Fry recipe

Fish fry with shallots coconut– Well marinated fish fry with lovely spices along with some shallots and coconut mixture gives this fish fry incredibly tasty and crispy.  Hi Everyone…Happy Fish day!! wait.. what?? Why fish day?!! yeh.. when you gonna make some delicious fish fry then why not wish people for fish-day! yes! Let’s make…

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Lemon Pudding Cake | Lemon Pudding Cake From Scratch

Yum Lemon Pudding Cake From Scratch – Delicious flavors of lemon zest adds great flavors to this pudding! you will love it how creamy and soft it is! Hey Guys!    Are you ready for the power-packed lemon pudding cake recipe? I’m telling you this is the best lemon pudding cake you always wanted for. Creamy, moist, melt-in-your-mouth and it has…

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Garlic shrimp pasta| Spicy Gamberetti Pasta Recipe

 Garlic shrimp pasta/ Spicy gamberetti pasta recipe – if you are craving some delicious pasta for dinner, this is the great recipe! shrimp and garlic combine perfectly with chilli infused olive oil with perfect seasoning.hey ya! spicy garlic shrimp pasta, this is all you want for a perfect weekend dinner to make it really exotic. No fuss,…

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Chocolate Fudge Pudding Recipe | Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

Chocolate Fudge Pudding Recipe| Hot Fudge Pudding Cake- made these delicious, gooey,hot chocolate fudge all in 15 mins! so quick and easy dessert. You definitely can’t resist the goodness of the taste. HEY YOU! Happy Sunday!  Hope you all doing good &enjoying your holiday!   Look I made you  Chocolate hot fudge pudding! and it boozed…

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Cheese chilli Toast | how to make cheese chilli cheese recipe

Cheese chilli toast is the quick and easy snack or breakfast where you can add your favourite topping and make it little more exotic to bite. Hi there..Today’s recipe is  cheese chilli toast something really quick and easy. To make cheese chilli toast is simple all you need to do is add in your favourite…

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Punjabi tawa Aloo recipe | masala potato recipe

Punjabi tawa aloo/masala potato recipe – Spicy, delicious and marianted with right spices and roasted to crisp. POTATO.. POTATO… Yes!! that one versatile vegatable is seriously a life-saver anytime and ofcourse everytime. we have loadss of recipes using potato, this is punjabi tawa aloo recipe which is simple and quick one. Rather than making a usual…

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Sweet Corn pulao recipe | No onion No tomato pulao recipe

Sweet corn pulao recipe– Aromatic flavours of cinnamon and cloves and simplicity flavours makes it a perfect accompaniment to bold spicy curries and rich creamy gravy. Hellooo! Everyone..:) Hope you all doing good! Sweet corn  pulao is the easiest pulao you can make in no time, with little and basic ingredient you can make at…

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Green mutton chops recipe | mutton curry without coconut

Green mutton chops recipe is the delicious mutton curry packed with flavours of coriander and mint leaves. It has the right spices and flavours in it. The end seasoning to this recipe takes this mutton curry to next level. Hi.. How is your weekend going on? Here i come up with the recipe green mutton…

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Murgh malai kebab recipe | Creamy chicken kebabs recipe

Murgh malai kebab is an easy and exotic kebab recipe which has the delicate taste and marinated with cream and yoghurt. Its tender, creamy & succulent Malai Kebab is one of the most popular dishes in Indian Cuisine. It is so juicy and soft that you will love it! Hi pals! Today’s recipe is murgh…

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Creamy broccoli soup | Almond broccoli soup recipe

Creamy broccoli soup/ almond broccoli soup recipe– deliciously creamy, yet healthy easy to make soup with broccoli. Broccoli soup is  one of the healthy soup with rich contents of iron. Its quick and easy to make. Its thick and creamy with beautiful flavours of broccoli.. and we also add a chopped almonds which gives you…

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