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Hi, Welcome to Nithi'sclicknclick! I'm Nithya here! If you are someone who thinks the food is the ingredient that binds us TOGETHER, YES! “Let’s Hi-Five” you are in a right place to dig in. Thank you in advance for reading my posts, and if you would like to connect, feel free to reach out to me on one of these platforms :)


Green mutton chops recipe/mutton curry without coconut

Green mutton chops is the delicious mutton curry packed with flavours of coriander and mint leaves. It has the right spices and flavours in it. The end seasoning to this recipe takes this mutton curry to next level. Hi.. How is your weekend going on? Here i come up with the recipe green mutton chops!…

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Murgh malai kebab recipe/Creamy chicken kebabs recipe

Murgh malai kebab is an easy and exotic kebab recipe which has the delicate taste and marinated with cream and yoghurt. Its tender, creamy & succulent Malai Kebab is one of the most popular dishes in Indian Cuisine. It is so juicy and soft that you will love it! Hi pals! Today’s recipe is murgh…

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Creamy broccoli soup/Almond broccoli soup recipe

Creamy broccoli soup/ almond broccoli soup recipe– deliciously creamy, yet healthy easy to make soup with broccoli. Broccoli soup is  one of the healthy soup with rich contents of iron. Its quick and easy to make. Its thick and creamy with beautiful flavours of broccoli.. and we also add a chopped almonds which gives you…

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chow chow kootu recipe without coconut /chayote kootu recipe

Chow chow kootu without coconut/Chayote kootu recipe is the simple and quick side dishes that you can make with in 15 mins. It blends with dals and seasoned with dry chillies and curry leaves.Chow chow kootu without coconut is the most common recipe that we make in every house hold in tamil nadu. Usually amma…

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Amma’s paruppu urundai kuzhambu/lentil spiced dumpling/urundai kulambu recipe

Paruppu urundai kuzhambu/spiced lentil dumplings is the yummy coconut curry where lentil dumplings are steamed and then dropped into the spicy tamarind coconut sauce. Its totally delicious and lip-smacking!Paruppu urundai kuzhambu is my favourite dish from my amma’s kitchen. During my school time mom makes this curry once in a week. Usually amma divide the…

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Kachhe kale

Spiced green banana patties/stuffed capsicum recipe

Hi ya! i have  something easy, super simple and ridiculously recipe for you. Its Spiced banana patties/Stuffed capsicum recipe. The ingredients are so handy all you need to do is combine all the ingredients and stuff them in capsicum. For spiced banana patties recipe i have added raw banana alternatively you can add your favourite…

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Eggless-pineapple- mousse

Eggless Pineapple souffle (pineapple mousse recipe)

Eggless Pineapple Mousse/ Eggless pineapple souffle is whole lot deliciousness of chunky pineapple pieces and condensed milk make this mousse so creamy & Yummy. My dear vegan friends ( non-vegan friends too.. 🙂 :))  yes I’m calling everybody, making pineapple mousse without eggs is conceivable at this point. Excited right? yes and the uplifting news…

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Kerala Mutton curry recipe/ Mutton gravy with coconut

Kerala Mutton curry is the exotic recipe made with basic ingredients and the freshly roasted spices with coconut. The tender mutton chunks are cooked with onion tomato masala and then the freshly grinded coconut masala powder is added to makes this dish delicious. Kerala mutton curry is loaded with whole lot of flavours, if you…

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Dhania-Pudina Chutney/ Chutney for kebab/Coriander mint chutney

Coriander-mint chutney is the super delicately fresh chutney great accompaniment for your kebabs, sandwiches any indian street food recipes. It is easy to make, gives flavours and colour to our meal. Step By step Pictures: Simple Sharing brings Smile!!!!


Chicken Tikka / how to make chicken tikka on tawa

Chicken tikka on tawa – juicy boneless chunks of chicken are marinated in spiced yoghurt, skewered and grilled.The recipe is perfect for the party! Best accompaniment with Romali roti.  Chicken Tikka on Tawa,  the recipe has got a whole lot of flavours with yogurt and spice mixture. marinating the chicken is key process in this…

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Apple and cinnamon crumble bars Recipe

Apple & Cinnamon crumble bar is the combo of best things all together apple& oats, the crumbly buttery top layer and the Gooey apples combined with brown sugar,cinnamon&Raisins.This is all you want! It is undoubtedly delicious. When you take a bite you will definitely need more… I was craving for a sweet, all i want…

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Mushroom sukka/ chettinad mushroom sukka/stir fried mushroom

Mushroom Sukka is one among the famous recipe in  chettinad cuisine.The freshly grinded masala makes this dish so unique. The chunky mushroom coated with coconut masala and Sauteed until its dry and tender The final seasoning to this dish take this recipe to next level. Hello Guys! A big Hi from my side,For the last…

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kerala chicken varuval/kerala chicken Roast

Kerala Chicken Roast is quick and easy recipe. The taste of this chicken totally depends on the coconut oil. This recipe has a zesty marination which is cooked in onion-tomato masala. It is simple ,flavourful and keen mix of intense flavours. Hiiiiiiiiiiii how are you???? how goes it? WOOOHOOO for the Weekend. SO happy you’re here!!…

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sticky- toffe- cupcake

Sticky Toffee Dates Cupcake (Toffee Pudding Recipe)

Sticky Toffe Dates Cupcake/ Toffee pudding  the yummiest cake i recently tried. Sweetness of the dates and it is drizzled with toffee sauce which makes cake Delicious. Best Tea time cake. I had a whole packs of dates in my fridge so thought making this Sticky toffee dates cupcake.After i tried this recipe  Im telling…

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egg- croquettes

Egg Croquettes/how to make egg croquettes

Egg Croquettes is the soft,crispy and melting snacks that you can make in no-time.The ingredients are very simple,It is definitely a kids-friendly and snack savoury.Whenever Narsi brings me a bagful of snacks or chocolate it left unattended for weeks and he end up eating all alone because I’m not a savoury person but Last week…

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Aam aur Pudina panna/green mango mint cooler

AAM AUR PUDHINA PANNA which combines summery flavours of green mango and mint, it is  trandition indian beverage, a refreshing drink with the taste sweet and sour.   Hey guys! whatsup? how summer is treating all of you?? Are you going for any summer vacations? This summer i was absolutely stayed in my website works,…

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Madurai Keema Dosa Recipe, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Tamil recipes, Madurai Food, Home food, Ingredients

Madurai Kari Dosa Recipe/Keema Dosa

Madurai Kari dosai is Famous local food in Madurai region. It is topped with spicy meat masala on dosa and cooked on both the sides firmly! Try this Kari-dosai I’m sure  you will ensure the taste from your favourite restaurant. How to Cook Madurai Keema/Kari Dosa is extremely well known dish in Madurai. we generally interface few…

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Gobi Manchurian Restuarant style

Gobi Manchurain is an indo-chinese version of crunchy cauliflower florets sautéed in yummy garlic manchurain sauce. Its just perfect to the core! If you’re craving for something special for your supper ! Here you go guys!!  Lets Begin!!  Gobi Manchurian is one of our all time favourite  indo- chinese recipe. I remember during school days…

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